Nordictrack VXR475 Recumbent Cycle

Looking for a comfortable but efficient exercise bike? Let us introduce you to The NordicTrack VXR475 Recumbent Bike. There won't be any awkward moments as you try to figure out how to use this product as its easy-start design means that you'll be toning up in no time. 

Finally, a product that you won't cause you any risk, is affordable and easy to use? Sound too good to be true? Well, if you don't believe us read on. 

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As comfortable as your favourite sweater

To be fair, we know that you all know how to get on and off a bike. But, for those of you who need an extra helping hand the innovative ‘step-through’ design, which is popular on NordicTrack models, means that you can easily mount and dismount the bike without any struggle.

And, once you're on the VXR475, the adjustable, oversized chair-like seat offers excellent lumbar support. Gone are the days when you have to peddle hunched over your machine. Thankyou NordicTrack!  

The only thing left to do before selecting your programme is to slip your feet into the ergonomic pedals. With adjustable straps and levelers, your feet will be keep in a natural and safe position at all times. 

Excellent to know that when you're going at your top speed, your feet won't slip out. Now, you're all safely and comfortably strapped in and ready to start your workout.

"Let's push back," said the NordicTrack VXR475

Thanks to the 0 - 22% of Digitial Silent Magnetic Resistance, you can spin away with different levels of resistance chosen by you. 

Not only that though, with silencer technology, this machine is very quiet. 

The resistance is supported by a 7kg flywheel. This is lighter than average but still does a great job of keeping the bike static. If this doesn't sound like it packs enough of a punch for you then check out the 18kg flywheel on the Kettler Racer S Indoor Cycle. Phwoooar.

One... Two.... Three... It's time to feel the buuuuuuuuurn. 

The VXR475 comes with 24 built-in programmes which are each designed to help you improve your fitness level.

But wait there's more. 

The VXR475 is also iFit compatible. If you haven't heard of iFit yet, let us ask you a few questions:

  1. Do you want access to even more programmes
  2. Do you want additional support?
  3. Do you like 'extras'?

If you nodded you head or answered "yes" to any of these then you might be interested in subscribing to the iFit.

In layman's terms, it gives you access to hundreds of additional daily workouts, real-road racetracks via Google Maps, healthy recipes, tips and more. 

What's our favourite thing about iFit? Well, we love to have fun whilst working out and with iFit, you can duel your friends to an iFit-challenge.

Say goodbye to your Wii Fit and start really working out whilst having fun with the iFit.

Not interested in the iFit, but want more built-in models then the NordicTrack Elite R110, with 32-programmes is an option.

We're not done yet though, there are still more features to the VXR475. 

I think my heart is already beating fast for the VXR475 


There is one sure way to tell and that is to hold on to the dual EKG cardio grips. these, just so happen to conveniently located on the handlebars in front of you.

You'll then be able to see your heart stats on the 5" backlit console along with your other key performance and workout data. 

Isn't that handy? You have instant access to all your key data in an easy read format. 

So, now you can focus on what matters

Unlike other models, there may not be as many entertainment options with the VXR475. However, this means that you can really focus on what matters; training hard to improve your performance. The NordicTrack VXR475 Recumbent Bike has many excellent features and has a longevity so that you’ll continue to use the product for many years to come.


  • Inertia-enhanced flywheel: Engineered for a smoother performance
  • Freewheel clutch: Keeping the motion of the bike consistent at all times giving the feel of a real road bike
  • Workouts: 24 pre-set workout apps
  • EKG Grip Pulse: Providing accurate pulse readings on the go
  • Display: 5" backlit display
  • IFit® Bluetooth smart (BLE) enabled: For more advanced user interactivity (subscription not included)
  • IPod compatible audio: Including 2 - 2" speakers
  • Recumbent frame: A sturdy build for your cardio training
  • Step through design: Easy access for ideal home use
  • Oversized lumbar support: Featuring an adjustable cushion for your comfort
  • Ergonomic pedals: Complete with adjustable straps for safety and stability during use
  • Oversized levellers: For a comfortable workout
  • Front mounted transport wheels: For easy transportation
  • Integrated features: Tablet holder; Water bottle holder; Coolaire workout fan
  • Included: AC adapter
  • Max user capacity: 130kg
  • Product dimensions: 135 x 64 x 131 cm
  • Boxed dimensions: 142 x 32.5 x 65 cm
  • Product weight: 60 kg
  • Box weight: 68 kg