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1.25ft Ultimate Wall Bracket

Built for commercial use; the Jordan 1.25ft Ultimate Wall Bracket has been designed to support the heaviest punch bags; making it perfect for all gyms; boxing clubs and home use. Incredibly robust; it’s constructed from strong 100×50 hollow box section steel and features an epoxy black powder coating to protect against the elements if used...View more

Free Standing Punch Bag

Flexible free standing punch bag that rebounds perfectly with each punch. Ultra-stable base holds 100Kg + of water; though sand can be used for extra stability (not supplied). Material: Dense foam covered with heavy duty vinyl. 18Kg. HOME WARRANTY 6 months.View more

Heavy Bag 130 x 40 Leather

Take your boxing potential to new heights with this quality Hatton Heavy Bag. Made from high quality leather; the Punch Bag is robust and hand stitched for lasting durability. Following extensive research and testing; it boasts a unique type of bag fill; exclusive to Hatton. The bag fill is evenly distributed to ensure the bag...View more

Body Power Striketube Pro XL

Looking for a punchbag but worried that your ceiling will collapse? Let us push away your worries and introduce you to the freestanding Body Power Striketube Pro XL. Standing an impressive 195cm tall (6' 6), the extra wide diameter can withstand punches and kicks with force. This is a great addition to any at home or commercial gym and offers unrestrictedView more

Body Power Striketube Pro

Similar to the STRIKETUBE; the PRO offers totally unrestricted 360 degree boxing and martial arts workouts; but also has a couple of extra benefits to set it apart: Firstly; it has a thicker foam tube that’s more durable and allows for heavier impacts; combined with the rubber spring post that permits the tube to give...View more

Strikeman Pro

The Bodypower Strikeman PRO is an excellent sparring partner and perfect for the more experienced boxer. Its flesh like appearance creates a more realistic training experience; but the best part is he won’t hit you back! Its compact design is ideal where space is at a premium or you don’t have the facilities to hang...View more


The Bodypower Strikeman is an excellent alternative to a punch bag; especially where space is at a premium or you don’t have the facilities to hang a heavy punch bag. The high density foam torso is great for technique work or target training and when the base is filled (with either water or sand) it...View more

Ultimate Adjustable Speedball Platform

Suitable for commercial gym environments; the Jordan Ultimate Adjustable Speedball Platform boasts heavy duty construction. It features a 600 x 25mm thick platform with beech finish on both sides and a 6mm steel wall plate. This comes with 6 fixings to ensure the bracket is fixed solidly to the wall. Comes complete with all fixings.View more