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ProForm TDF 10.0 Cycle

Lead the peloton from the saddle of the ProForm® TDF 10.0. Enjoy the real road feeling of automatic incline/decline that simulates any stage terrain.View more

NordicTrack u8.9b Upright Exercise Bike

Boost cardio fitness and increase muscular endurance with the NordicTrack u8.9b upright exercise bike. To let you set your own difficulty for each workout and get better results, faster, the bike offers 24 levels of computer controlled magnetic resistance and 15 challenging programmes. Track your progress and achievements on a clear and easy-to-read multi-window LED...View more

NordicTrack r8.9b Recumbent Exercise Bike

Offering a reclined body position for full back support, the NordicTrack r8.9b recumbent exercise bike ensures reduced upper body tension and muscle fatigue. It is designed for effective, low-impact cardiovascular workouts and features 24 levels of computer controlled magnetic resistance to allow for finding the right intensity for each workout. A clear, user-friendly multi-window LED...View more

NordicTrack Commercial VR25 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Enjoy at-home, interactive personal training with the NordicTrack Commercial VR25 recumbent exercise bike. This sturdy and reliable machine ensures low-impact cardiovascular workouts and features an 11kg (24.2lbs) Effective Inertia Enhanced flywheel for smooth pedal movement. With 26 levels of SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance and the option for trainer-controlled resistance, you can vary the intensity of...View more

ProForm Tour de France TDF CLC Indoor Cycle

Enjoy outdoor cycling experience indoors and get your heart racing with the ProForm Tour de France TDF CLC indoor cycle. It provides a feel of a real road bike and offers a heavyweight 10kg (22lbs) flywheel for ultra-smooth and quiet action. To let you quickly adjust workout intensity, and experience a frictionless, silent ride, there...View more

ProForm Tour de France TDF CBC Indoor Cycle

Made for low-impact, heart-pumping cardio workouts, the ProForm Tour de France TDF CBC indoor cycle lets you prepare for your next race and enjoy interactive personal training, right in your home. This sleek and sturdy machine ensures smooth pedal movement thanks to its heavyweight 10kg (22lbs) flywheel. It allows you to find the right intensity...View more

York SB7000 Indoor Cycle

The York SB7000 indoor cycle features a heavyweight 18kg (39.7lbs) cast iron flywheel making it suitable for low-impact, heart-pumping cardio workouts. The SB7000 ensures an ultra-smooth pedal movement and has a chain drive system delivering a more natural ride. To help you find the right intensity for each session with a simple turn of the...View more

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Indoor Cycle

Get on your bike and visit a dazzling array of locations around the planet while staying entertained and improving your fitness with the NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro indoor cycle. Featuring an enhanced precision-balanced flywheel and 26 levels of digitally controlled Silent Magnetic Resistance the Grand Tour Pro delivers a silky-smooth ride and lets you train...View more

NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Indoor Cycle

The NordicTrack Commercial S15i studio indoor cycle is a slick and sturdy bike featuring a quality black finish with a splash of silver. It offers an Inertia Enhanced flywheel ensuring fluid cycling motion and has an impressive choice of 22 computer-controlled levels of Silent Magnetic Resistance for adjusting workout intensity. There is a -10° to...View more

ProForm SB Exercise Bike

The ProForm SB exercise bike features a 7kg (15.4lbs) Effective Inertia flywheel for smooth motion and a consistent ride all the way throughout the cycle. To start out easy and progress to intense, you can choose from 16 frictionless levels of computer controlled SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance. The 5” high contrast multi-colour LCD display is...View more