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Kettler Axos Cycle P Exercise Bike

This is a great piece of equipment to start getting fit on and has a range of great features to help you on your way. There’s a selection of 15 workout programmes and you can find the right intensity to ride at thanks to the 16 levels of computer-controlled magnetic resistance. Riding is smooth and...View more

Kettler Cycle R Recumbent Bike

This recumbent bike delivers comfort, support and smoothness of motion for an enjoyable cycling experience. The bike has some great features which include 4 user profiles, 16 computer controlled magnetic resistance levels, an LCD display showing full workout feedback, 8 workout programmes and a built-in Polar wireless receiver so you can perform heart rate control...View more

Kettler Golf S4 Exercise Bike

Offering efficient workout with a smooth drive wheel featuring 15 levels of magnetic resistance, the Kettler Golf S4 exercise bike ensures great comfort and versatile levels of challenge to keep your workouts fruitful and interesting. This well-built bike comes with 10 workout apps including: manual mode, six pre-sets and additional target specific programmes. Everything is...View more

Kettler Racer 9 Indoor Cycle

Enjoy super-smooth operation thanks to an 18kg (39.7lbs) flywheel and prepare for an upcoming race with the Kettler Racer 9 indoor cycle offering a silent induction brake system and two modes including a racing bike with gearset or speed independent exercise bike. Track your progress easily on a user-friendly, clear blue backlit LCD display and...View more

Kettler Racer S Indoor Cycle

Become a pro in the saddle using the sophisticated Kettler Racer S indoor cycle offering an array of advanced training features and an 18kg (39.7lbs) flywheel for smooth and fluid pedalling action. For the most realistic race bike experience, there are Compagnolo gear shifters ensuring instant and responsive gear change and Deda superzero road bike...View more

Landice R9 Recumbent Exercise Bike

With a 15kg (33lbs) flywheel for smooth action, as well as 20 levels of computer controlled resistance with Rapid Resistance Buttons for quick selections, the Landice R9 recumbent exercise bike provides safe and effective lower-body workouts. This robust, self-powered machine is suitable for regular training and rehabilitation purposes and ensures a super-comfortable workout position due...View more

Landice U9 Exercise Bike

The Landice U9 exercise bike is a sturdy, reliable, self-powered piece of equipment ensuring comfortable and safe lower-body training and rehabilitation regimen. It has a 15kg (33lbs) flywheel for quiet operation and 20 levels of computer controlled resistance with Rapid Resistance Buttons for quick adjustments. To provide the most realistic cycling experience, the bike offers...View more

NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Indoor Cycle

The NordicTrack Commercial S15i studio indoor cycle is a slick and sturdy bike featuring a quality black finish with a splash of silver. It offers an Inertia Enhanced flywheel ensuring fluid cycling motion and has an impressive choice of 22 computer-controlled levels of Silent Magnetic Resistance for adjusting workout intensity. There is a -10° to...View more

ProForm 325 CSX+ Recumbent Exercise Bike

Get the most out of your workout in a relaxed ride posture using the ProForm 325 CSX+ recumbent exercise bike. This sleek and sturdy machine with a solid build quality features a 7kg (15.4lbs) effective inertia enhanced flywheel ensuring a smooth motion and offers 22 digital levels of SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance to let you...View more

ProForm SB Exercise Bike

The ProForm SB exercise bike features a 7kg (15.4lbs) Effective Inertia flywheel for smooth motion and a consistent ride all the way throughout the cycle. To start out easy and progress to intense, you can choose from 16 frictionless levels of computer controlled SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance. The 5” high contrast multi-colour LCD display is...View more