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NordicTrack Commercial S10i Studio Cycle

Make sport at home with NordicTrack Commercial S10i Studio Cycle. Find all bike on NordicTrack UK website.View more

ProForm 400 SPX Indoor Cycle

Suitable for a roadie seeking performance gains, as well as for a beginner who wants to drop a few pounds, the ProForm 400 SPX indoor cycle ensures a safe, effective and enjoyable cardiovascular workout. For ultra-smooth pedal movement, the bike has a heavyweight 18kg (39.7lbs) flywheel and features a chain drive system providing a natural...View more

NordicTrack GX 4.7R Recumbent Exercise Bike

Cycle in a comfortable, relaxed position and work all of the major muscle groups in your lower body with the NordicTrack GX 4.7R recumbent exercise bike. Gentle on all jour joints, the bike supports lower back and encourages a better spinal posture which makes it very well suited to seniors and users with mobility problems....View more

NordicTrack GX 2.7 U

Make sport at home with NordicTrack GX 2.7 U. Find all bike on NordicTrack UK website.View more

225 CSX

The ProForm 225 CSX exercise bike offers a 8Kg effective inertia flywheel, 20 pre-programmed workouts a Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) system.View more

250 SPX

The ProForm 250 SPX exercise bike offers a 18Kg effective inertia flywheel and a manual resistance system for an intense training.View more

325 CSX

The ProForm 325CSX exercise bike offers 22 digital resistance levels, 24 pre-programmed workouts and a tablet holder.View more

310 CSX

The ProForm 310 CSX exercise bike offers 16 digital resistance levels, 16 workouts and a tablet holder.View more

TDF Pro 5.0

Lead the peloton from the saddle of the ProForm® TDF Pro 5.0. Enjoy the real road feeling of automatic incline/decline that simulates any stage terrain.View more

TDF 2.0

The ProForm Tour De France 2.0 exercise bike offers a 20% incline/decline capability and 24 preset Tour de France pre-programmed workouts.View more

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