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York SB9000 Indoor Cycle

Boasting a robust 20kg (44lbs) cast iron flywheel, the York SB9000 indoor cycle provides an immensely smooth cycling motion due to a three-piece crank mechanism and reliable direct chain drive. The bike is a wonderful choice for veteran users who wish for a premium quality construction and flawless long-term performance. Furthermore, to ensure additional challenge...View more

York 1000-SC Indoor Cycle

Offering a smooth RPM build up with a reliable 3-piece crank mechanism and chain drive system, the York 1000-SC indoor cycle provides a solid way of keeping yourself fit with intense cardiovascular workout regimens. The bike offers multiple levels of resistance, manually adjustable with a tension knob to provide some options for advanced user seeking...View more

York 3000-SC Indoor Cycle

The York 3000-SC indoor cycle is a robust and reliable machine with a massive 18kg (39.6lbs) flywheel delivering smooth action. Made to let you improve cardiovascular fitness, build lean muscle definition and prepare for your next race, this sturdy bike features a stainless-steel X-frame designed to withstand intense training sessions. The 3000-SC enables you to...View more

York 5000-SC Indoor Cycle

With a huge 20kg (44lbs) flywheel and a belt drive mechanism, the York 5000-SC indoor cycle provides a smooth and steady action. This robust bike with a sleek design offers a great alternative to outdoor cycling and has a solid steel frame for added stability during high-intensity workouts. To make each session more challenging and...View more

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Indoor Cycle

Designed to help you train smarter, the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio indoor cycle allows for low-impact, high-energy workouts and live interactive training in the comfort of your home. To let you find the right intensity for each session, the machine has 24 levels of electronically controlled Silent Magnetic Resistance and it simulates real-life terrain thanks...View more

NordicTrack Commercial S10i Studio Indoor Cycle

Cycle around the world and enjoy live interactive workouts with world-class trainers using the NordicTrack Commercial S10i Studio indoor cycle. With an inertia enhanced flywheel, the bike ensures fluid and quiet action and to let you train at the right intensity, it has 22 digital levels of SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance. Featuring a decline/incline range...View more

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

The NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle sitting bike, due to its comfort is an ideal training companion. Its adjustable padded seat and adaptable seat system guarantee maximum comfort for your sessions. This bike has an innovative design with a 22 “HD touch screen for optimal training performance.View more

NordicTrack Vx 550 Bike

Take your training to a new level with the Vx 550 exercise bike. Containing a wide selection of built-in console workouts and resistance levels, you will be spoilt for choice when doing your home workout. With an added intergrated tablet holder you can simply watch your favourite programmes or films on your device whilst you...View more

NordicTrack Vx 450 Bike

Support, comfort and entertainment – the Vx 450 exercise bike features a cushioned seat that adjusts vertically and horizontally for comfort and an integrated tablet holder to bring entertainment and workout technology to your home training. A stable bracket secures your tablet at eye-level above the console to bring music and video that enhances your...View more

NordicTrack Vx400 Exercise Bike

Bring a realistic, comfortable outdoor cycling experience into the comfort of your own home with the NordicTrack Vx400 exercise bike. With the touch of a button, quickly customize your workout by choosing from 20 digital resistance levels and 20 built-in workout apps. Each workout is designed by a Certified Personal Trainer and deliver a variety...View more

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