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R200 Water Resistance Rower

Body Power’s R200 Rower is designed to take your home cardio training to the next level. Manufactured from high-quality steel and aluminium; it’s a light frame that still packs in features that you’d expect to see on commercially-rated rowers. The R200 is built with a large water tank that delivers an unlimited resistance range –...View more

R300 Water Resistance Rower

Manufactured from a solid steel frame integrated with a first grade wooden finish; the Body Power R300 really looks (and sounds) the part. Comfort is no issue on the R300. It features a seat that shapes to your form; supporting you throughout every stroke; and thanks to a textured finish; prevents any slipping so you...View more

RW100 Water Resistance Rower

Providing the feeling of real on-water rowing in your own home; the Body Power RW100 rower offers an unbeatable exercise experience at incredible value. The large water tank gives an unlimited resistance range – the faster and harder you row; the greater the resistance you encounter; ensuring a challenge with every stroke. Recreating the same...View more

Soft Plyo Box 60cm

An essential piece of functional fitness equipment; the Body Power soft plyo boxes offer a safe alternative for plyometric box jumps. Featuring durable high density foam and an extra-large anti-slip surface; for increasing your explosive power and speed safely. With a height of 60cm; and landing area of 90cm x 75cm; this box is perfect...View more

SP.IC14 Indoor Studio Cycle

The Body Power SP.IC14 Indoor Studio Cycle is a stylish studio bike for home use. It comes complete with an easy to read LCD screen; which feeds back time; speed; distance; calories burned and heart rate via the EKG grips. The foam covered; adjustable handlebars feature a unique table holder so you can watch indoor...View more