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Ball Rebounder -(Fits Body-Solid Hex Rigs & SPR1000)

Use medicine balls to their fullest extent with the essential Hexagon Rig System accessory that is the Ball Rebounder. With this Rebounder your workout options are endless; as not only can you incorporate it into a circuit; but you’re also able to train in pairs or small groups. The Ball Rebounder is the perfect piece...View more

Band Peg Attachment (2pc) – (Fits Body-Solid Hex Rigs)

Increase the resistance of any workout with the addition of the Band Pegs. Compatible with Body-Solid’s BSTB Lifting Bands; these pegs allow you to get peak effectiveness out of a number of workouts with exercises such as squats. Alternatively; the Band Pegs can be used to store chains or other accessories.View more

Dip Attachment – (Fits Body-Solid Hex Rigs; SPR500 & SPR1000)

Take your dips to the next level with the Body Solid Dip Station; designed for use with the Hexagon Rig System. The lock-in anchoring system provides stability throughout the workout; while the high-quality steel structure ensures usability for all weights and sizes. Also featured are two comfort-grip handles; which provide comfort through even the most...View more

Double Pull Up Attachment – (Fits Body-Solid Hex Rigs)

The Body Solid Double Pull Up offers two pull-up bar heights in the same section for unmatched effectiveness; making this the perfect accessory for muscle-ups and all other pull-up exercises. Both bars can be attached to the side of any Hexagon system safely and securely.View more

Flying Pull Up Attachment – (Fits Body-Solid Hex Rigs)

This unique addition to your Hexagon Rig System is precisely engineered to provide the best angle and resistance to make the most of your pull-up and muscle-up workouts; allowing you to build strength; power; and muscle. With a height to fit within most standard workout spaces; the Flying Pull Up is ideal for the home...View more

GWS100 Full Commercial Sled

Three weight plate posts allow you to load up with heavy weights as you push; pull and drag the GWS100 Body-Solid Weight Sled to target muscle development; endurance or aerobic training. Multiple attachment anchors let you attach almost any vest or belt; giving the sled unmatched versatility. Manufactured with a durable; heavy-gauge solid steel mainframe;...View more

Monkey Bars Attachment (Fits Body-Solid Hex Rigs)

One of the simplest add-ons; the Monkey Bars are the perfect starter piece to your Hexagon Rig. Featuring our black powder coat finish; these Monkey Bars offer superior grip when performing a number of different workouts.View more

Suspension Station – (Fits Body-Solid Hex Rigs)

Diversify your workout and add gymnastic training into your regime; with a little help from the Body Solid Suspension Rings. These sleek; black Suspension Rings attach seamlessly onto your Hexagon Rig System; and are perfect for creating that resistance whilst performing pull-ups; front and back levers; ring dips and more.View more

Endurance Light Commercial Air Rower R300

The Endurance by Body-Solid R300 Indoor Rower delivers an effective low-impact and total-body workout. Not only does the rowing movement provide users with high-intensity calorie-burning cardio but works quadriceps; hamstrings; abdominals; obliques; lats; biceps; triceps; hip flexors and more. User-controlled air resistance puts users in full control for a balanced and coordinated workout. Responding to...View more

Tools Soft Plyo Box (20x24x30)

The Body-Solid Tools Soft Plyo Box is an incredible fitness tool to integrate into your fitness routine. Used by athletes worldwide to boost vertical jumping ability; increase foot speed; cardiovascular endurance; leg strength; health and explosiveness; it may look simple but there’s a lot you can do with the simple Plyo Box! Featuring a unique...View more