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Perform Multigym

A fantastic mid range multigym with an enormous 100kg weight stack that can take you through the toughest of workouts. The single 100kg stack provides 1:1 resistance on all workout stations; and combined with sealed bearings in all the pulleys provides an extremely smooth motion with no pulling or sticking. The separate press and pec...View more

Weight Pack Upgrade Package

This 2 x 50lbs (25kg) weight stack upgrade package is designed for the Tuff Stuff CDP-300 Compact Dual Adjustable Cable Machine and CXT-200 Core Multi-Functional Trainer. This upgrade increases the two weight stacks on your machine from 150lbs to 200lbs; totalling 400lbs (181kg approx.).View more

SXT-LP Leg Press Attachment for SXT-550 and AXT-225 Home Gyms

Add a new dimension to your Tuff Stuff AXT-225 or SXT-550 Home Gym with the SXT-LP Leg Press Attachment. This quality add-on features a custom convex footplate; which encourages correct form; enabling neutral ankle and knee alignment. The adjustable; 6-position; ergonomic seat allows you to find your perfect position and offer smooth motion; while the...View more

Vector Incline/Decline Bench (Black Frame & Upholstery)

The Vector bench features a protractor style degree indicator so you can set the bench at the precise angle for your exercise. The contoured pads help keep you secure for exercises like sit-ups and decline press.View more

On-Line 1650 Gym (Black Frame & Upholstery)

Your Time is Valuable With conventional machines; you can spend much of your valuable workout time adjusting seats; press arms and other components with off-the-shelf pop pins and annoying tightening-down knobs. Not so with Vectra. The patented On-Line no cable change system” means just that. And; adjustments to exercise components; such as the press arm;...View more

MFT-2700 Dual Stack Functional Trainer

The commercially rated dual stack functional fitness trainer delivers extreme versatility for all fitness levels; whether you are performing functional fitness; sports specific; bodybuilding or rehabilitation exercises. The spring loaded selector handles make adjusting safe; simple; quick and easy; whilst the hydraulically supported pivot arms offer 150 degree(s) (14 positions) of high-to-low vertical adjustments and...View more

On-Line 1650 Gym (Sterling Silver Frame / Black Upholstery)

The 1650 is the second generation machine featuring the unique Fixed or Free Weight Selection System.” The 1600 was a tremendous hit; and the 1650 promises to be even more popular with many new innovations; including the cross-chest fly station. First and foremost; the On-Line 1650 offers a free-weight mode far superior to any previous...View more

VX18 Multi Gym (Silver Frame/Black Upholstery)

The VX-18 sets the standard for single-stack weight machines. The Vectra Fitness VX-18 is the ultimate home gym; having undergone many design improvements since its introduction in 1987 as the On-Line 1500. Even then; it revolutionized the industry with features such as the patented ‘no cable change’ On-Line system. No one had experienced a machine...View more

VX48 Multi Gym (Silver Frame/Black Upholstery)

The VX-48 is the top of the Vectra Fitness line; offering the most comprehensive assortment of features and exercises available in a multigym. For the family that likes to work out together; or for light-commercial applications with the potential of multiple users; the VX-48 (or the 3-stack VX-38) is the most popular multi gym choice....View more

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