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BH RC04 TFT Treadmill

Challenge yourself and break your own records with the BH RC04 TFT Treadmill.View more

Flow Fitness DTM 400i Treadmill

The Flow Fitness DTM400i treadmill is designed to be so compact when folded you could possibly slide it under your bed or at the side of a cabinet after your workout.View more

BH Magna Pro Light Commercial Treadmill

The BH Magna Pro Treadmill is a non folding high performance treadmill built for both home and light commercial environments.View more

BH i.F9R Treadmill

The BH I.F9R treadmill features BH’s Run + Damping System which allows you to train like an athlete without the worry of joint and muscle damage.View more

BH i.F4 Treadmill

The BH I.F4 treadmill is the perfect home treadmill that is capable of an intensive training session.View more

BH F9R TFT Treadmill

Want to train seriously? The BH F9R TFT treadmill offers you everything you need to achieve your goalsView more

BH i.RC09 Treadmill

The BH I.RC09 is a lighter version of the BH I.RC12. Built for home use only the BH I.RC09 offers almost everything the BH I.RC12 providesView more

BH i.RC04 Treadmill

The BH I.RC04 treadmill is not BH’s biggest treadmill but it can still take intensiveView more

BH i.RC12 Treadmill

The BH i.RC12 treadmill is designed for intensive and demanding workouts and comes with a home and a light commercial warranty.View more

Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill

The TT8 Treadmill from Sole Fitness is a high-quality machine which supports some of the producers best features. In fact, it is  Equipped with the largest 10.1” console that Sole has to offer, a reinforced framework with reversible deck, huge 4.0 HP motor and spacious 22”x 60” running area the Sole Fitness TT8 is considered to be the highest qualityView more

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