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Life Fitness F3 Treadmill

The Life Fitness F3 folding treadmill offers a space saving folding facility and a choice of the Go or Track console.View more

Flow Fitness T3i Full Commercial Treadmill

Flow Fitness T3i Full Commercial treadmill is the flagship in the Flow Fitness treadmill range.View more

Flow Fitness Runner DTM2500 Treadmill

Flow Fitness Runner DTM2500 is a serious treadmill for a serious workoutView more

Flow Fitness DTM2000i Treadmill

Flow Fitness DTM2000i treadmill is a smart looking treadmill with a range of great featuresView more

Tunturi Platinum Pro Treadmill 5HP

The Tunturi Platinum Pro Treadmill 5HP is a tough treadmill with a tough motor and stunning consoleView more

Tunturi Platinum Pro Treadmill 3HP

The Tunturi Platinum Pro Treadmill 3HP is a first rate commercial treadmill with an impressive motorView more

BH F4 TFT Treadmill

The dream of every runner. The BH F4 TFT treadmill is an intensive use treadmill equipped with motivational monitor and Run + damping systemView more

BH RC09 TFT Treadmill

The BH RC09 TFT has the features and equipment of a professional treadmill with the Touch&Fun technology to enjoy your training sessions like never before.View more

BH RC04 TFT Treadmill

Challenge yourself and break your own records with the BH RC04 TFT Treadmill.View more

Flow Fitness DTM 400i Treadmill

The Flow Fitness DTM400i treadmill is designed to be so compact when folded you could possibly slide it under your bed or at the side of a cabinet after your workout.View more