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DKN AM-E Exercise Bike

The DKN AM-E exercise bike is built to ensure quiet operation and challenging workouts at home. It comes with an 8kg (17.6lbs) flywheel and a 32-level resistance system that is computer controlled to enable you to easily adjust the intensity of your training sessions. The bike is equipped with an LCD console that helps you...View more

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iFit Coach 12 Month Family Subscription

Offering an interactive workout personalized for you, the iFit Coach 12 Month Family Subscription gives you access to a fitness experience unlike anything else. The product comes in a physical form as an activation card with a single use code and allows up to 5 users to use a single machine. With an iFit Coach...View more

NordicTrack FS9i FreeStride Trainer

The NordicTrack FS9i FreeStride trainer is a 3 in 1 fitness machine designed to combine the benefits of a stepper, treadmill, and an elliptical cross trainer. It lets you run, step or stride to allow for versatile, high-powered workouts and help to keep your entire body toned and fit. For fluid and quiet action, the...View more

ProForm Carbon Adjustable Utility Bench with 20kg Cas...

The ProForm Carbon utility bench with 20kg cast iron dumbbell set has been designed to provide a broader scope of exercising when setting up a home gym, while fulfilling all fitness requirements to create a truly pleasurable and efficient workout experience. The utility bench is a highly functional choice for individuals who want to focus...View more

Viavito SX200 Folding Barbell Weight Bench and 50kg C...

The Viavito SX200 folding barbell weight bench with a 50kg (110lbs) cast iron weight set ensures a premium home workout experience by combining reliability, safety, comfort and functionality into a complete weightlifting package for beginners. The SX200 provides four easily adjustable exercising positions to provide an array of possibilities when it comes to targeting and...View more

York Perform Multi Gym

The York Perform is a superb mid range multi gym that not only looks great, but also provides maximum safety, stability and functionality. The 100kg weight stack provides 100kg maximum resistance on all of workout stations, while the sealed bearings ensure a smooth workout with no pulling or sticking. The York Perform is a highly...View more

DKN Studio 7400 Multi Gym

Want to build the perfectly balanced physique without leaving your own home? Then look no further than the DKN Studio 7400. This compact, all in one training hub will enable you to pack on a solid amount of muscle through effective and challenging workouts. Sculpt the body you’ve always wanted to have through the use...View more

ProForm Power Stack XT Multi Gym

Build perfectly balanced physique and increase muscle mass in the comfort of your home with the ProForm Power Stack XT multi gym. This heavy-duty training hub with a stable, rugged construction offers a 50kg (110lbs) vinyl weight stack and lets you enjoy safe and effective total body workouts. It is ideal for targeting all the...View more

ProForm Carbon Ultimate Strength Package

The ProForm Carbon Ultimate Strength package is designed for safe free-weight workouts and versatile strength training sessions. It includes two heavy-duty pieces of gym equipment: the ProForm Carbon adjustable utility weight bench and the ProForm Carbon power rack XL. The multi-functional weight bench is fully adjustable thanks to its 10-position backrest with 2 decline, flat,...View more

Viavito 130kg Rubber Crumb Bumper Adjustable Olympic ...

The Viavito 130kg rubber crumb bumper olympic adjustable weight set brings a huge opportunity for lifting enthusiasts to expand their free weight workout arsenal with excellent bodybuilding tools made for extensive use including demanding strength routines. The set includes a selection of weight discs to ensure proper variety and challenge when building strength, endurance and...View more