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Viavito 130kg Rubber Crumb Bumper Adjustable Olympic ...

The Viavito 130kg rubber crumb bumper olympic adjustable weight set brings a huge opportunity for lifting enthusiasts to expand their free weight workout arsenal with excellent bodybuilding tools made for extensive use including demanding strength routines. The set includes a selection of weight discs to ensure proper variety and challenge when building strength, endurance and...View more

DKN 140kg Tri Grip Adjustable Olympic Weight Set

The DKN 140kg Tri Grip Adjustable Olympic weight set features a complete selection of items required to build the correct barbell to tackle all essential exercises. Training with free weights can be used effectively to train all major muscle groups, and with the selection of weight plates provided in this set, each workout can be...View more

Viavito Studio Pro 2000 Olympic Barbell Weight Bench ...

The Viavito Studio Pro 2000 Olympic Barbell weight bench and 80kg weight set fills the gap for reliable and versatile home gym equipment designed with ambitious weightlifters in mind. First off, the robust and customisable Olympic weight bench provides everything necessary for a stable, safe, and effective free weight workout. With 5 distinctive positions: decline,...View more

Viavito Rubber Crumb Bumper Olympic 110kg Weight Plat...

The Viavito Rubber Crumb Bumper Olympic weight plate set features a total of 110 kilograms of weights for expanding workout potential and possibilities. This robust and versatile set stands out as a great alternative for classic steel or cast iron weights when it comes to floor protection, noise cancellation and overall safety of use. The...View more

ProForm Sport XT Olympic Weight Bench with Squat Rack

The ProForm Sport XT Olympic weight bench with squat rack is designed to help you get a toned body and improve muscle definition in the comfort of your home gym. Made for effective muscle-building workouts, the weight bench offers an easily adjustable 6-position backrest with upright, flat, decline and 3 incline positions. This robust bench...View more

Cleto Reyes Universal Training Gloves

The Cleto Reyes universal training gloves are designed for maximum performance and comfort while training at the boxing gym with different equipment and sparring partners. The gloves feature a sweat/water repellent lining to ensure moisture won’t disrupt the padding and shape, whereas the latex foam cushioning offers superior shock absorption when performing heavy hitting routines....View more