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Cybex MG 525 3 Stack Multi-Gym

The Cybex MG 525 3 stack multi-gym is a multifunctional training device that can engage three people at the same time. It is ideal choice for anyone who wants a whole body workout on a single space saving machine. The multigym provides a pressing station for the chest, overhead press, leg extension, leg curl, arm...View more

Kettler Multigym

Designed for safe and effective strength training sessions in the comfort of your home, the Kettler Multigym lets you hit numerous muscle groups while exercising and has a rugged, reliable and stable construction. Great for muscle building workouts, it offers a cable pull station, a triceps/crunch rope and a dumbbell bar and the possible exercises...View more

V-fit Herculean CUG-2 Compact MultiGym

The V-fit CUG-2 Herculean Compact Upright Home Gym can be used for various exercises including bench press, chest press, lat pulldown (front and back), pec dec, leg extension, back leg curls and upright rows. With a 72kg (159lbs) maximum resistance it makes this multigym versatile and great to use for a wide variety of people.View more

GEXM2000 Multigym

Featuring a simple; space-saving design that doesn’t compromise on good looks or performance; the Body-Solid GEXM2000 Multi-Gym delivers exceptional training in its all-in-one machine. Packed into a concise 4 x 5 foot space; it fits comfortably into most rooms while the 210lbs weight stack; shrouded for maximum safety; guarantees workouts to take your performance to...View more

GEXM2000 Multigym with Leg Press

We’ve combined the best-selling GEXM2000 Multi-Gym with the optional Leg Press Attachment to offer you even more workout flexibility. Featuring a simple; space-saving design; the stylish Body-Solid GEXM2000 Multi-Gym delivers a wide option of exercises to strengthen; build and tone your entire body. At just 4 x 5 foot; it fits comfortably into most rooms...View more

G4 Multigym

The G4 Cable Motion Gym allows you to bring exercise variety to your home. Mimicking your body’s natural motion; the superior ergonomics support your every move; allowing you to manoeuvre effectively and comfortably to maximise your results. The durable; solid machine offers a vast variety of exercises to strengthen the core stabilising muscles used in...View more