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Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine

The Coach M Rowing machine has 10 magnetic resistance levels and a space saving storage option.View more

Kettler Multigym

Designed for safe and effective strength training sessions in the comfort of your home, the Kettler Multigym lets you hit numerous muscle groups while exercising and has a rugged, reliable and stable construction. Great for muscle building workouts, it offers a cable pull station, a triceps/crunch rope and a dumbbell bar and the possible exercises...View more

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Waterrower Classic Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Classic rowing machine has been exquisitely handcrafted from solid American black walnut wood and provides users with a rowing experience that will feel like being on the water. The wave sound produced by the water resistance is very real and motivating, and the smoothness of the dual rails makes your motion very fluid,...View more

from £999.00

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NordicTrack RX800 Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are a fantastic low impact at-home workout and so we’re delighted that NordicTrack developed the NordicTrack RX800 Rowing Machine. Let’s take a look at this popular model to see what it offers.   Adjustable Air Resistance There are two types of rowing machines and the RX800 is an air-resistanceView more

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R-500 Rowing Machine

The R-500 rowing machine has been designed with the serious user in mind. Featuring a dual air/magnetic resistance system the R-500 blends these different resistance methods to produce the best of both worlds. The air resistance element guarantees a true rowing feel; the harder you pull, the more resistance it delivers while the magnetic aspect...View more

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R-400 Rowing Machine

Designed to provide natural and fluent exercise motion, the R-400 rowing machine lets you target your upper body, arms, legs and abdominals. It has an 11kg (24.2lbs) flywheel for smooth action and 16 levels of air-magnetic resistance system to help you find the right intensity for each session. The air resistance element ensures a natural...View more

R-320 Rowing Machine

Designed to help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, gain more strength and burn calories faster, the R-320 rowing machine not only looks great and stores easily, but also provides benefits of true water-based rowing. It offers air resistance with a step-less gear system that determines the amount of resistance depending on how fast you row...View more

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Riviera Rowing Machine

Offering a full-body exercise and the most realistic rowing motion you can get outside of the water, the Riviera rowing machine ensures low-impact, joint-friendly cardiovascular workouts. The machine has real paddles in a 17L water tank creating a ‘water flywheel’ and lets you vary the intensity of each training session depending on how fast you...View more

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ProForm 310 CSX Recumbent Exercise Bike

Strengthen your heart and build more lean body mass targeting the large muscles in your legs, thighs and buttocks using the ProForm 310 CSX recumbent exercise bike. With a 5kg (11lbs) Inertia Enhanced flywheel, it ensures smooth action and to vary workout intensity, there are 16 levels of computer-controlled Silent Magnetic Resistance. The bike is...View more

ProForm Endurance 420 E Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Endurance 420E Elliptical Cross Trainer is an excellent commercial or at-home gym product. With commercial-gauge solid steel construction, this machine is designed to be used throughout the whole of your fitness journey. Not only does the design itself create an excellent model, but the additional features are also above-par when teamed with the ‘wont-break-the-bank’View more

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