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ProForm Premium Fitness Set

Whether you want to engage in exciting calorie-burning workouts, shed some pounds, increase fitness levels or train for the next event, the ProForm Premium fitness set is a great choice for a versatile total-body workout. It includes the ProForm 7.0 elliptical cross trainer with a unique power output and target indicator system, an adjustable 19.6”...View more

DKN Select Fitness Package

Work out your entire body from the comfort of your home, improve cardiovascular health and hit your goals faster with the DKN Select fitness package including three quality pieces of equipment. The DKN EzRun is a rock-solid, stable and versatile machine with a 1.75 HP DC continuous duty motor that easily speeds the belt all...View more

Viavito Run Row Ride Fitness Package

Improve your cardio stamina and enjoy versatile full body workouts in the comfort of your home using the Viavito Run Row Ride fitness package. It comprises of 3 sturdy pieces of fitness equipment including Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat treadmill, Viavito Rokai folding rowing machine, as well as Viavito Satori exercise bike. The treadmill is a...View more

DKN Superior Fitness Package

The DKN Superior fitness package is an ultimate choice for those who want to maximize results by combining strength training with cardiovascular workouts. It comprises of three premium fitness machines including DKN RoadRunner I treadmill, DKN R-500 rowing machine and DKN EMB-600 exercise bike. The treadmill is driven by a 2.8hp continuous duty, high-grade motor...View more

DKN Select Fitness Package 2016

Stay in great shape and boost up your fitness efficiently with added comfort, with the DKN Select Fitness package designed for full body workout, comfortable training regime, and consistent fit level build up. It consists of three machines, the first being the DKN EzRun treadmill which allows for a smooth and comfy run due to...View more

Viavito Complete Home Fitness Set

The Viavito complete home fitness set comprises of four high-intensity cardio machines providing safe and versatile full body workouts. It includes Viavito LunaRun treadmill with a true 1.25 horsepower continuous duty motor and a space-saving design that allows for folding the machine fully flat vertically or horizontally, as well as Viavito Satori exercise bike offering...View more

Viavito Select Fitness Package

Comprising two low-impact, high-intensity cardio machines, the package provides a safe, up-tempo aerobic workout to let you work just about every major muscle group. Offering natural, fluid motion, a great choice of workout programmes and silent magnetic resistance, the package helps to reach a calorie deficit, improve your heart health and bring down blood pressure....View more

Reebok Home Fitness Package

By combining two excellent fitness machines ensuring highly versatile workouts at home, this exquisite package is your bang for the buck deal, offering whole body workout to achieve fast and visible results. The set features a remarkable Reebok One GX60 elliptical cross trainer offering multiple ways of challenging yourself during everyday workouts with 32 levels...View more

Spirit Premium Fitness Package

The Spirit Premium Fitness Package consists of two fitness machines: the Spirit XT685 Platform treadmill and the Spirit XE395 incline trainer, both of which are parts of the Spirit Fitness commercial series. The machines have been provided with plenty of features that offer motivating, convenient and effective training of your whole body. The package also...View more