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Cybex Eagle NX Glute

The Cybex Eagle NX glute is a premium weight machine that offers top-quality support and comfort letting you work out confidently and with great results. The foot bar and the abdominal support pad are both adjustable, ensuring you find the perfect position in which to use this strength and toning equipment. The machine encourages good...View more

Cybex Eagle NX Hip Ab and Ad

The Cybex Eagle NX hip ab and ad combines these two popular exercises in one excellent, quality machine. Its dual function means it saves space and there are dual foot positions so you can stabilise yourself during each repetition. There is a 93kg (205lbs) weight stack which also serves as a privacy shield, giving you...View more

Cybex Eagle NX Pulldown

The Cybex Eagle NX pulldown incorporates high-quality design and parts to provide users with a fantastic piece of gym equipment and workout experience. The Dual Axis Technology® allows the user the choice of training with machine-defined movements or more advanced user-defined motion and the independent arms mean strength development will be more equally balanced. It...View more

Cybex Eagle NX Calf

The Cybex Eagle NX calf is a top-of-the-range piece of gym equipment that is made to promote natural movement so you work out safely and comfortably for the best results. The seated exercise focusses on the legs and in particular the calf muscles and the machine is designed so that spinal compression is minimised and...View more

Cybex Eagle NX Back Extension

The Cybex Eagle NX back extension is a top-of-the-range piece of strength equipment that lets you perform both the hip and lumbar extension thanks to the dual position lumbar pad. The machine allows an optimal range of motion and helps to minimise the chances of excessively extending on reps, designed to encourage you to control...View more

Cybex Eagle NX Arm Extension

The Cybex Eagle NX arm extension is a premium piece of strength equipment that needs no setting up or seat adjusting thanks to its innovative ”sit down and go” design. The arm pads encourage stability and correct positioning throughout each repetition and the floating arms help you control your motion. Other great features include holders...View more

Cybex Eagle NX Arm Curl

The Cybex Eagle NX arm curl is a high-quality piece of strength training equipment that lets you focus on the upper body muscle groups and in particular the arms. The articulating arm means no adjustment is needed and users can work out in an optimal pattern for their body type or motion preference. There are...View more

Cybex Eagle NX Seated Leg Curl with Start RLD

The Cybex Eagle NX seated leg curl with start RLD lets you strengthen and work primarily your hamstrings but also other leg muscles such as your calves and thighs. This fitness machine is of the highest quality and has a Range Limiting Device (RLD) and an angled back pad that users can adjust easily with...View more

Cybex Eagle NX Leg Press

The Cybex Eagle NX leg press is a top-quality weight machine that is designed to replicate squatting motion in a safe and controlled environment. The design gives users a greater range of motion at the hip and ensures the glutes and hamstrings get more complete training. To deliver great levels of comfort the angle of...View more

Cybex Eagle NX Row

The Cybex Eagle NX row focusses on the arm and back muscles as you pull the weight towards you, and this high-quality machine ensures you work out with great stability, comfort and confidence. The generous weight stack lets users train with up to 120kg (265lbs), ideal for all abilities and strengths, and the independent arm...View more