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Butterfly B2000 Concrete Table Tennis Table

Tables that use just concrete can end up losing parts of their surface as the concrete slowly weathers away. As the Butterfly B2000 Concrete is made from polymer, the user can be sure that the playing surface will stay intact. Additionally, the pitch markings are moulded onto the table in order not to be scrubbed off...View more

Butterfly National League 22 Rollaway Indoor Table Tennis Table

The Butterfly National League 22 Rollaway Indoor table tennis table with a 22mm quality play top is a good choice for everyone who seeks a classic piece of ping pong equipment for enjoyable playing with friends and family or just solo as there is a playback facility. This strong table is equipped with height adjusters...View more

Butterfly Playground Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Butterfly Playground is an extra-durable outdoor table tennis table designed for use in parks, schools, hotels, camp sites and gardens. This elegant, modern-looking table ensures great bounce and playing characteristics thanks to a 12mm high resilient weatherproof wood playing top and features strong metal undercarriage with a transparent polycarbonate leg system. The table is...View more

ProForm Sport XT Olympic Weight Bench with Squat Rack

The ProForm Sport XT Olympic weight bench with squat rack is designed to help you get a toned body and improve muscle definition in the comfort of your home gym. Made for effective muscle-building workouts, the weight bench offers an easily adjustable 6-position backrest with upright, flat, decline and 3 incline positions. This robust bench...View more

Xterra Fitness FSX3500 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The FSX3500 elliptical from Xterra Fitness is the flagship model in the range. Designed to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts it’s manufactured to a premium standard using high-quality, durable materials. With 31 training modes including 18 preset workouts, interval, hill, cardio, and fat burn modes, in addition to six heart rate control training options...View more

Viavito Rubber Crumb Bumper Olympic 110kg Weight Plates Set

The Viavito Rubber Crumb Bumper Olympic weight plate set features a total of 110 kilograms of weights for expanding workout potential and possibilities. This robust and versatile set stands out as a great alternative for classic steel or cast iron weights when it comes to floor protection, noise cancellation and overall safety of use. The...View more

DKN 140kg Tri Grip Adjustable Olympic Weight Set

The DKN 140kg Tri Grip Adjustable Olympic weight set features a complete selection of items required to build the correct barbell to tackle all essential exercises. Training with free weights can be used effectively to train all major muscle groups, and with the selection of weight plates provided in this set, each workout can be...View more

Tennis Tutor Plus Tennis Ball Machine – with Remote Control

The Tennis Tutor Plus Tennis Ball Machine – with Remote Control includes all the features of the standard Tennis Tutor, plus adds topspin and underspin capability. A simple dial controls the amount of topspin or underspin you desire. The machines includes an additional remote control which lets you start and stop ball delivery, and control...View more

adidas R-21x Rowing Machine

The adidas R-21x rowing machine ensures a smooth rowing motion with an inertia enhanced flywheel and offers 16 levels of electronic/air resistance adjustable via quick resistance keys. The air resistance element provides a natural rowing feel, whereas the magnetic element allows the R-21x to deliver a higher level of resistance than that available on air-only...View more

adidas R-21 Water Rowing Machine

The adidas R-21 water rowing machine has a large water tank offering a capacity of 12 litres to provide a natural rowing feel and sound as you row indoors. With 7 levels of user-controlled water resistance, the machine enables you to tailor the intensity of your rowing sessions. To let you keep track of your...View more

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